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Groupe Industriel Interprovincial,
Experts in Industrial Maintenance


Since its beginnings, the Groupe Industriel Inter-Provincial has built a solid reputation by bringing together teamwork, rigor and expertise around skilled professionals and all specialized in industrial mechanics, mechanical engineering and welding. The team has quickly demonstrated its competence, and the Group has gradually carved out a leading position in the specialized field of industrial mechanics.

Today, the Groupe Industriel Inter-Provincial has two divisions, each specializing in a specific field: Inter-Provincial Mechanical Maintenance inc. and Industrial Constructions H.A.W.K. inc.

First, Inter-Provincial Mechanical Maintenance inc. is a company specialized in the field of mechanical and industrial maintenance , particularly recognized for industrial shutdowns, dismantling and / or removal of equipment, machinery and plant. This division also knows many successes in the realization of customized projects throughout Quebec and the rest of Canada and in the United States.

 For its part, Constructions Industrielles HAWK inc. specializes in the conventional welding and high pressure projects as well as in any other projects governed by the RBQ in connection with boilers and piping.

Furthermore, for a high quality guarantee, both divisions are accredited by the CWB (Canadian Welding Board). Therefore, all our CWB welders are able to perform high-level work, synonymous with trust and reliability for our clients.

Finally, always in search of excellence for its customer service, the Group strives to exceed expectations through careful listening of customers and special focus on their specific needs. Therefore, the Groupe Industriel Inter-Provincial also offers its clients the possibility to hire the services of experienced mechanics, in short, medium or long-term in order to fulfill their needs.

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