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Business segments

Our main business segments are pulp and paper industries, food industries, wood processing industries and metallurgical industries. Inter-Provincial Mécanique Maintenance is proud to count among its clients the main leaders of the Canadian economy.

We can count among our achievements numerous production equipment moving projects, partial or complete installation plants, factory startups projects and many industrial shutdowns. That is why today we have acquired the experience that enables us to successfully complete projects of different sizes and from various specialized industries.

Furthermore, Inter-Provincial Mécanique Maintenance is particularly proud to have actively contributed to the development of Canadian economy participating in major projects in Quebec but also throughout Canada through Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and New Brunswick, and also throughout the United States for example: Tennessee, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Iowa and New York.


Inter-Provincial Mécanique Maintenance is a specialized company in industrial mechanical projects. Our main business segments are industrial shutdowns, renting our skilled employees for short and long terme purposes, and the realization of different mechanic projects. 

Our team is specialized and recognized in precision industrial mechanics, partial or complete installation plants, factory startups projects and many industrial shutdowns. Our professionalism allows us to adapt quickly to our customers’ demand and requirements across Quebec, regardless of the number of manpower requirements, the complexity and the estimated duration of the project.

In addition to the immense diversity of our tools and equipment, our company can count on the experience, competence and courtesy of its staff, proudly represented by major trades in mechanical industry.

Inter-Provincial Mécanique Maintenance, RECOGNIZED AND RENOWNED.


Inter-Provincial Mécanique Maintenance also offers skilled labor hire in order to better meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether on a regular or a temporary basis. To do this, our team of professionals consists of industrial mechanics, welder-assemblers, high pressure welders, electrical mechanics and pipe fitters.


Thanks to the variety of our projects and the diversity of our clients, we have gained a great experience and a beautiful versatility. We also have a wide variety of equipments that we are able to provide to our customers: 

  • Laser alignment 
  • Platform 
  • Lifting platform 
  • Extractors: 15-30-50 tons for bearing and coupling 
  • Welding generators 
  • Magnetic drills
  • Plasma
  • Torque multiplier
  • Electrical systems
  • Forklifts
  • Trailers
  • Boxes sites each providing 5 employees

You need a team to supplement your service staff on short or long-term notice? A qualified manpower as industrial mechanics and welders or even specialized equipment?

At Inter-Provincial mécanique Maintenance, we can help you meet your needs and develop your projects.

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We are dedicated to our customers and aim to fulfill their specific needs by offering professional, personalized and practical services, always in search of continuous improvement to exceed clients’ expectations.


  • Stay among the leaders in the industrial mechanic sector throughout Quebec;
  • Share our expertise to support our clients in their development projects;
  • Ensure excellence of our personalized customer service, based on listening and sharing;
  • Be recognized within large companies that actively participate in economic and social development of Canada.

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