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Founded in 2003 by a former foreman entrepreneur and innovator, the Groupe Industriel Inter-Provincial saw its reputation grow thanks to its professionalism and the quality of its services in construction but also thanks to the determination of its team and the excellence of its customer service.

Since 2003, the Group has built its reputation through its first division, Inter-Provincial Méchanic Maintenance then, with its experience, he was able to consolidate its construction expertise by creating its second division, Constructions Industrielles H.A.W.K. in 2008.

At first, Inter-Provincial Méchanic Maintenance had only a few versatile and dynamic employees who worked only part-time under the supervision of the founder, Mr. Malenfant. Having been quick to prove itself, the company quickly became synonymous with quality and rigor in the industrial engineering industry and has had to adjust to an ever greater demand from new clients. Over the success and thanks to the experience gained through various projects, the company has moved from a few part-time employees to twenty full-time employees in a few years.

Then, to fulfill the specific needs of its clients, the company created a new division in 2008, Constructions Industrielles H.A.W.K., qualified to CWB standards, symbol of commitment and quality for all welding and piping works.

Finally, in a desire to consolidate the activities and strengths of both companies, the Groupe Industriel Inter-Provincial was officially established in the spring 2010 and today, the Group can count on the experience and professionalism of approximately 150 employees.

Over the years, the Group has also carved out a leading position in the industrial engineering industry and has now a big expertise which enables it to work in various industrial sectors such as pulp and paper industries, food industries and foundries, but also pharmaceutical and all other manufacturing industries.

In 2015, in response to the growth of its activities, the Group opened a new branch in Montreal in order to develop new markets and canvass for new business opportunities. The arrival of this new branch also helped to fulfill the demand of its clients in the Metropolitan region and allows the Group to remain a provider of choice by offering competitive prices and a specialized workforce.

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